Week 9: Graffiti!!

This weeks art project was super fun!! I had no idea where to do graffiti or how to do it really, but I made due! I went and bought a couple cans of spray paint and boards and invited my friend to come graffiti with me. I really wanted to go out and do it on a wall or on a building, but I didn’t want to get in trouble. I had always wanted to graffiti something but never knew what I would do. I decided to keep it simple and do spurts of paint all over. I think my friends idea was better and I liked his more.


And my friends:


Week 9: Artist Talk

Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: NONE
Instagram: @rapturefineart

David is a senior in the CSULB printmaking program working towards a BFA in printmaking! He originally wanted to design and create custom motorcycles for Jesse James, but realized that was not a truly realistic goal. He fell in love with printmaking as soon as he walked into a printmaking studio and changed his major the day he stepped foot into one. In his free time he enjoys playing pool, going to music festivals, snowboarding, and hanging with friends. He describes himself as an adrenaline junky, which I found interesting because when I think of art I think of a peaceful setting, but art can be whatever someone wants it to be!

As soon as I walked into the gallery, I knew I wanted to talk to David about his art. He uses printmaking in order to create fine lines and intense detail. He had been experience with using plexiglass and ink in order to get the detail he wanted. Each of his pieces take between two days to a week and a half. His most favorite technique is Lithography and thinks it is the most comprehensive printmaking process and makes the work authentic.

David’s art is edgy, detailed, and ultimately extremely cool. The use of ink on plexiglass allows for very fine detail to be conveyed. David explains that there is imaged in some of his pieces, but it really is up to the viewer to see what they want. He explains artists always have a goal in mind and an expansive concept. He is into fluid abstract expressionism and thats what drives his art, it just flows and becomes something amazing.

As I said, as soon as I walked into the gallery I wanted to ask questions about the pieces. I wasn’t sure if my favorite piece, a wold with its mouth open was made with charcoal or how it was made. I was surprised to find it was made by the plexiglass and ink method. I really want to observe this process to see how this works! My second favorite piece was the “mashup” of the Samurai helmet and face. It was so unique and unlike anything I had ever seen. I would absolutely have bought some of his art to hang on my wall. A truly talented artist!


Week8: Finger Painting!

This week I was super excited about the finger painting! I hadn’t finger painted or painted for that matter in a really long time. I had a ton of studying to do for midterms this weekend, so it was REALLY nice to take a break and relax with some finger painting. I wasn’t entirely too sure of what paint to get, so I went to Daiso since that seems to be the spot. NONE of their paints said non-toxic, but they didn’t say toxic either, so I grabbed a little pack of watercolors. None of the ingredients were toxic so i figured it was fine 🙂 It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to paint. At first I was thinking a vineyard because it would be fun to make the bunches of grapes with my finger, but I decided to go with a galaxy. To start, I made a black background, then mixed white and blue to created the hues of blue I wanted! I had so much fun going back and perfecting my work! This was a super fun and relaxing project 🙂IMG_3107IMG_3108

Week 8: Classmate Conversation

This week I got to meet Jon Duran. Jon is a sophomore here at Long Beach state and is studying Computer Engineering. Jon has always loved computers and is fascinated with taking them apart and how they work. He isn’t sure what he wants to do with his degree, but something with computers! In his free time he likes to play video games, hangout with friends, and likes to go to a lot of concerts. His favorite band is Knuckle Puck. I actually listened to a few of their songs, and they were good, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it is my style :). He grew up here in Long Beach and attended Lakewood High! He was very shy and quiet, but I feel as though it would just be something to deal with in the beginning and as you get to know him, he opens up more! IMG_3080

Week 7: Artist Conversation

Artist: Elena Reznovan
Exhibition: Stop and Stare
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: NONE
Instagram: @eroznovan

Elen is in the CSULB masters program working toward a masters in sculpture! Elena is from Moldova, which is a former USSR country. She came to the United States to pursue art and started at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She first started as a painter, but moved into interactive installations. She wanted to come to a school in California because of light and space art and it originating here.

Elena’s work is more of a scene than a collection of pieces. She uses a scene of mountains and clouds just as the sun is setting. The photo is somewhat ominous and dark, and the whole gallery is dark which is cool. Squares and rectangles hang from the ceilings containing different colored filters.

This art is trying to show how images get mediated through technology. With the different colored filters over the image, it shows how easily technology can change an image and its tone, giving the viewer a different idea of it than they normally would have. Elena was trying to show how technology can change pictures and set a certain tone they want the viewer to have.

Before even walking into the gallery, you notice it is dark. Upon walking in, you see a photo projected on the wall and multiple small filters set up in different places. It is very quiet and serine. There is a bench where you can sit and stare, and ultimately get lost. Elena explained how important light was to her and how she lights to be in control of the light. You could definitely see that due to the darkness of the gallery and the only light coming from the projected photo. It was really an awesome atmosphere.IMG_2991IMG_2992IMG_2993

Week 7: Classmate Conversation

This week I got to chat it up with Michael Shenouda! It is Michael’s last semester here at Long Beach state, and he will be graduation with a degree in Psychology. Rather than be a Psychologist, he finished all his pre recs for Veterinary school and wants to be a Vet just like his father. His dad has his own veterinary clinic and he started working there and he liked it, so he was inspired to pursue it. He’s been applying to Vet schools and really wants to get into one in California. He loves sports, basketball and baseball being his favorite. In his spare time he likes to hangout with friends, play sports, and watch sports. His family is from Egypt, but he was born and raised here in Southern California. IMG_2994

Week 6: Flip Book

For my flip book project, I decided to do something kinda fun. I recently made homemade pizzas, so I figured I would make a flip book of the progression of a pizza being made! I wanted it to be very sketch-like, so I did not include any color! My flip book, titled “The Making of a Pizza” gives step by step instruction on how to make a delicious pizza. From the rolling of the dough to the final laying of your last topping, this flip book outlines each step to take in order to make a beautiful pizza 🙂



That stitching job though 😛 😀IMG_2940.JPGI tried to upload a video but videos are only for premium users :,(

Week 6: Story From Art!

“Must Destroy Wow”
Group Exhibition (Multiple Artists)
Painting, Sculpting, Non-Degree Group Exhibition
15″ x 17″
CSULB School of Art, Werby GalleryIMG_9224.JPGimg_9225

In the streets of Tokyo, many are strolling around going about their business. The ground starts to shake, the sky turns dark for a moment, and all eyes look toward the skies. Blocking the sun is the head of a massive creature, the feared friend of Godzilla, The Inuzilla. The Inuzilla lets out a massive roar which sends people running for cover. With every step the Inuzilla takes, the ground shakes more and more. Small structures fall, people let out screams from all angles. The people of Tokyo battled and defeated the great Godzilla, but knew that it was only a matter of time before his acquaintance surfaced from the depths of the mountains and came to terrorize the city. The Japanese military engages the target, but Inuzilla lets out beams of green lasers and destroys all attempts the military makes. Angered by the attempt to stop him, the Inuzilla beings knocking buildings down, stepping on everything in sight and destroying all power lines. Slowly the cities power goes out. The Inuzilla continues to roam through the city destroying many buildings and searching for its next target. As the sun goes down, the Inuzilla rests and observes the massive destruction he has caused. As the last glimpse of sunlight disappears behind the mountains, complete darkness falls on the city. The Japanese military uses this darkness to launch a rocket directly at the heart of the Inuzilla, the Inuzilla realizes too late and his chest cavity is blown to pieces, blood erupts from the body and spills into the streets, leaving them warm and red.

Obviously my story is modeled after Godzilla, the piece of art I observed was a massive Inu Shiba, which I cleverly named Inuzilla 😉 .

Week 5 Activity: Automatic Drawing

This project took a LONG time! It was a little awkward sitting there and waiting for the pen to move, but eventually it did!!! We definitely had a few laughs in the beginning and really did not know how to go about doing this. We tried to get sit on the floor crossed legged like the instructions said too, but found it difficult. We decided to sit at the table with a flat surface, and after a while, we were able to get things going. We decided that we would use a different pen and let it move and switch pens every time it stopped moving for a while. we found this to be an effective technique, and it also added some color into it. I did not want to use a lot of colors because I really like simple things so I chose black, red and blue. I think these colors created a cool effect and I’m really satisfied with the way it turned out! IMG_2866.JPGIMG_2871.JPGimg_2878

Week 5: Artist Talk

Artist: Yeri Hwang
Exhibition: Within Us
Media: Studio Art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: NONE
Instagram: @yeriyeti

Yeri is in the CSULB School Studio Art and is graduating this semester! She really likes to draw and play videogames, Bioshock is her favorite. She is very quiet, but when she talks about art her eyes really light up. Her work explores interactive art, as her motto is “Art should be for everyone”. Yeri’s collection “Within Us” took her a long time to set up and create. She described making the gallery as a journey and went through a lot to make it. While she was making it, she was wondering why she was doing this and had a big realization.

Yeri’s collection includes many different interactive pieces of art. As her motto explains, she wants everyone to be included in her art. Each of her pieces has an aspect that includes the viewer in some way. Each piece has a part that the viewer touches and it makes the art change in some way, whether it be a light turning on or making a piece of the art move. It was really cool to be able to influence the art in some way. She uses different materials included wood, acrylic, plaster, dry wall, mirrors, and electronics.

This art was very interesting. In one piece you grab a sword like King Arthur’s and it lights up. Each piece includes the viewer. It makes the gallery feel inclusive and also makes it more enjoyable. Yeri incorporates electronics into her art and makes pieces move or parts light up. Interactive art allows people to be a part of the story, since we are all writing our own story. She always thought that art was limited to people who have a background in art and wants everyone to be a part of art.

The first thing you see when you walk into the gallery is a piece that you touch a sensor and it moves a piece across a biblical scene. As you walk through, you get to touch different things that make certain things happen. I thought it was super cool to be able to influence the art. I really liked to be able to be a part of the art and to change it in some way. My favorite thing about it was the sword that is lined with LED lights, and when you grab it it lights up. I thought it was extremely cool that Yeri wanted to include people in her art!



Week 4: Art Care Package!

For this weeks Art Activity, I decided to draw a sketch of a beach scene and send it to my best friend who goes to ASU! The reason I decided to do this was because back in sophomore year of high school, I was going through her sketch book, and she had a nearly completed cliff ocean scene that I fell in love with (see attached photo). I told her that one day I wanted that sketch, and when it was time for us to go of to college, she had it framed and gave it to me as part of our going away presents. I figured it was time for me to make her a sketch, and although it is not as great as hers, I think she will be very happy when she gets it in the mail 🙂 !


Mine is first, hers is second. I couldn’t get the lighting to look that great on mine, but it looks better in person!

Week 4: Artist Talk

Artist: Josh Vazquez
Exhibition: I Love The Way You Fall Asleep
Media: Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: NONE
Instagram: @joshybehr

Josh is in the CSULB School of Art’s Drawing and Painting program working toward a BFA in Drawing and Painting. He is from Los Angeles, CA and came to Long Beach because he wanted to get away from the city. He viewed LA as too familiar and wanted to explore a new area and experience different things. In his free times he likes listening to music, he listens to all kinds of music but mainly listens to hip hop. He also likes to watch movies. He is very inspired by his family and the city of Los Angeles, the city he loves. He is inspired by artists: Mark Rothko and Noah Davis. He believes they are the best at what they do.

Josh’s collection “I Love The Way You Fall Asleep” took him two and a half months to create. He considers himself an abstract painter not a graphic artist. Each piece of his artwork has a name. His paintings look simple, but you can tell that theres a deep connection Josh has to each stroke he put into his paintings. He says they have no real meaning and are not meant to convey a certain message. He uses lots of different colors of blue, orange, green, purple and yellow. He does not really use any other colors which is interesting and makes one think, “Why those colors?”.

Josh says that while working on his art he really just lets it flow. He believes that as an artist, there should always be creativity and there should never be a block. The artist seemed to be thinking about all the colors that happen when you sleep. Its dark and blue at first but then you see the yellows and orange that comes through your closed eyes as the sun rises. He explores a lot of block, using little squares of color, which creates depth.

When I first walked into the gallery, I was curious as to why there were black palm branches all over the floor. I though this was a very interesting addition to the gallery and I’m still curious as to their purpose. I had some ideas, including that as the sun sets, the palm trees here in Southern California lose their color and appear black. When it gets dark, most of us tend to get sleepy and go to sleep, and since his series was titled “I Love The Way You Fall Asleep”, it could be that the palm branches are that black color as we fall asleep. The overall feel of the gallery was pleasant. The art was pleasing to look at and I like the limited color pallet. In addition, I really like abstract paintings so this work really interested me.