Week 15: Designing my Life

Currently I think I am going to be graduating and finding a job as a pharmaceutical drug rep. I want to do that straight out of college and get involved with a company as young as possible. I want to get a good reputation in that company and eventually move up and take higher and higher positions. I think this is a good plan and will let me live a financially stable life and be able to afford all the things I want in life. I think in 5 years I will have a solid career, a great relationship, and be continuing to travel the world and experience new cultures and people. In 10 years, I want at least one kid and hopefully another on the way, a happy marriage, be looking into buying a home, and hopefully have moved up from being a rep to a higher position! For my rating I used a 1-10 scale. On confidence i’m around an 8, I think that I truly have what it takes to achieve my goals. For resources, i’m at a 10. I am lucky enough to have my entire college paid for by my parents, so I will graduate with no debt and be able to start making and saving money easily. For impact I wasn’t sure if this was impact in the world or impact for me. But I would say the impact is around a 7, if I am able to provide life changing drugs and supply them to people that need them that is a pretty great thing. For satisfaction, I think that my satisfaction would come from a monetary viewpoint and I would be satisfied when I am able to afford a house, the car I want, and to have been able to travel all over. I think for the rapid prototyping section, Linkedin is my best bet! It has a ton of great jobs and openings and outlines all the requirements and can help me to better my chances of getting a good job.

If my dreams crumbled and I could not be a drug rep, I would probably take more classes and apply to Dental School. I had originally planned on going to dental school at USC and then specializing in orthodontics, but I realized I would rather get out of school and start making money rather than go back for another 6 years. I think it would be a great option if I truly could not figure out another option but the scales here are a lot different. Again with the 1-10 scale, I would say I am about at a 4 for confidence. I have a decent GPA but there is so much competition these days that I don’t think I could get into dental school. For resources, as lucky as I am to have my parents pay for my undergrad, I’m unsure if I could get them to pay for my dental school, and then I would have to take out student loans and that wouldn’t be fun. For impact, I think probably the same, a 7. helping people is always good. For satisfaction, probably a 9. I would be a doctor and that would be pretty dope, and I would be helping people. I think that the rapid prototyping would just come from lots of studying, networking, and self endurance.

And now for the one I was waiting for… If I had an infinite amount of money, I wouldn’t go crazy (just kidding how could I not). No but in all honesty, I would just travel. I would stay in nice places, I would drive nice cars. I would devote time and money into helping out in places I’ve traveled and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than me. I would start a non-profit and run that while I am not traveling and I would build a beautiful life for myself. I would remain humble and continue to be the person I am, but more cultured and in tune with the world and its inhabitants. I think for confidence, if I had these opportunities, I would be at an 8.5 that I would truly be able to achieve what I want to achieve and make the difference I want to make. For resources, obviously a 10! For impact I would most definitely strive for a 10, I’d want so much to make an impact somewhere and change some lives. For satisfaction, most definitely a 10! I would be so content traveling and being cultured and have a better understanding for the world, different people, and different cultures. For the rapid prototyping I don’t know what I would put for this section, I guess you could say my dreams are a prototype!


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