Week 14: Art Activity!

I had never been into the Japanese Gardens, even though I dormed in the Parkside dorms right next door and had walked by them literally hundreds of times. I did not realize how big the gardens were and how beautiful and well kept they were. It was so tranquil and relaxing. I sat in silence and just observed everything for a while before I broke out my sketch pad (which unfortunately was a notebook because I didn’t realize we would be sketching 😦 ). The sound of the water and the birds was so nice! I found it difficult to try and draw without looking and try and limit the time you take to drawing something. I am a perfectionist so only taking 30 seconds to get what I want to convey down was hard! I also found it incredibly difficult to draw without looking, and although it was difficult, my drawings came out a lot better than I was expecting them to. Line I did not think would connect, connected and there were only a few things out of place. It really made me think that my mind and body were connected better than I thought and I had better control than I imagined! IMG_3840img_3841.jpgimg_3842.jpgIMG_3742


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