Week 12: Artist Talk

Artist: Alice Andreini
Exhibition: NO_MANS LAND
Media: Drawing and Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: http://www.andreiniart.com
Instagram: NONE

Alice is a Master student at Cal State Long Beach working toward an MFA in Drawing and Painting. She likes to paint and draw things that concern her and something she can critique. She is concerned with how many people are unaware with mental concepts that affect the world. When she is not doing art she enjoys reading poetry, going to art galleries, and studying philosophy. Her favorite author is Virginia Walter. She lives here in Long Beach and has for the past 6 years, 3 of which she has been in school! She always wanted to be a painter, but never pursued it seriously until now. When she finishes school, she wants to teach art and painting and continue painting.

Her paintings are very intriguing to look at, and really make you wonder what she was trying to show. It would appear that there is no rhyme or reason to what she has painted, but after talking with her and realizing that she is inspired by how “unaware people are with the mental concepts that affect our perception of the world” I was able to understand that she is showing things in a new light. Some of her pieces reminded me of the movie Inception due to the fact that they really challenged the mind.

Her art really exemplifies her thought process when she begins to make a piece. She explained that she likes to paint and draw things that she has an issue with and can critique or has a concern with. This is seen in her art. You can tell she saw something and had an idea of how it could have better been portrayed or done and so she completely reinvented the image and made it her own, and in most cases is completely different that what she was looking at. I loved that. She said that her pieces take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to finish and it really varies.

The art is very colorful and appealing to the eye. The lines flow gracefully across the canvas and the images are captivating and alluring. I think that the best part is trying to figure out what is being portrayed (since it is up to interpretation of course ;)). Like I mentioned, I definitely felt like some of the pieces could have been a scene from Inception which I actually thought was pretty cool. I definitely would like to know what her inspiration was for a few of those pieces and where these ideas came from.



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