Week 11: Artist Talk

Artist: Yujia Gu
Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA
Media: Graphic Design
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: NONE
Instagram: NONE

Yujia is a masters student at CSULB and is working toward a Masters in Fine Art. She is a foreign student from China and came to Southern California to study art. She is really interested in why the United States has such a high level of gun violence in comparison to other countries and this curiosity sparked the creation of her exhibit. Her mother was very concerned about letting her come to the United states due to this high gun violence, and it really resonated with her as she came here.

The gallery is very interesting as you walk in. The wall to your right had side contains repeated gun stickers, and repeated lines of  “To protect themselves more and more”, “are buying”. I tried to figure out how the lines connected, but I was’t able to. Next, there was an electronic message board that displayed the acts of gun violence that had happened in real time. The most striking piece was the list of names of all the children that died in Newtown, CT and their pictures that were hanging from the ceiling.

This art is very serious and shows how much gun violence is a problem in the United States. I found it interesting that this exhibit was done by a foreign student, since usually foreign students are only well versed in their own countries politics and problems. I think it is wonderful that people from other countries recognize that gun violence is a problem and think that we should be more strict with gun laws in order to get rid of this problem. Yujia’s art is a real and live display of how bad the gun violence problem is in America.

The gallery is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The symmetrical way things are displayed and the perfect shapes the stickers are set up is very inviting. I was very curious as to what all the technology in the room was representing. The electronic message board on the wall was definitely the thing that stood out the most. I waiting for it to do something and upon reading what it said I realized it was displaying real time acts of gun violence. And the map on the wall, I later found out, mapped all the acts of gun violence that happened in the last 72 hours. It was a very deep and eye opening gallery, and I agree that there should be stricter gun laws.



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