Week 10: Artist Talk!

Artist: Brittany Waters
Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox
Media: Sculpture, Ceramics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: NONE
Instagram: @artbywaters

Brittany is a Senior at CSULB and is in the Sculpture and Ceramics program. She is really into sea turtles and believes that they inhabit beaches in Southern California. Brittany was always surrounded by water since she grew up in Northern California and finds nature to be the inspiration for her art. Now that she lives in Southern California she is inspired by sea creatures.

When you walk into the gallery, it is like walking from a room into a tropical paradise. It is set up like a beach and there is a big sea turtle nest that hundreds of sea turtles are coming out of. In the nest there is also egg shells and half hatched baby turtles. These baby turtles look extremely lifelike and there are so many of them! Brittany created each turtle by hand using clay.

Brittany’s art is very cute and definitely took A LOT of time since each of the turtles and eggs shells were hand made from clay. She explains that as cute and nice as the set up is, there is an underlying message that humans cause a huge disruption to the environment of these turtles and we need to take more responsibility. There is no turtle nests on the beaches in Long Beach or the surrounding area because they are too popular and there are too many people. The adolescent turtles that do reside in Souther California are by the mouth of the San Gabriel river because the power plants spill warm water into the area making it a safe place for these turtles to mature into adulthood.

When I first walked in, I honestly though the egg shells and turtles were real. Of course that thought was quickly dismissed, but they were so lifelike and realistic. I thought it was really cool how Brittany set this up to demonstrate how much humans impact the environment and how we need to be more conscious of the tracks we leave. I though the beach set up was a nice touch and really felt at ease and relaxed while in the gallery. I had a funny question as I was leaving which was how they were going to get all that sand out of the gallery!IMG_3334IMG_3335


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