Week 10: Architecture and Urban Planning

For my architectural redesign, I chose the wedge by the USU! I’m a pretty big guy with broad shoulders and I can say that even with my broad shoulders, I still walk through the wedge! I used photoshop in order to redesign the wedge to make it bigger. The large grey/black marble (or granite?) structure has enough surface area to support the weight it carries, thus it could be slimmed down to allow a bigger gap for students to walk through. I made the wedge gap bigger by making the marble structure thinner, which will allow for an easier flow of traffic and more than one student to pass at a time. I also would move the bench in a little bit to align with the new thinner pillar. Some trade offs could be if a new support system would be needed in the new thinner pillar to support the weight. Students would benefit from this because they wouldn’t have to wait as long to walk through the wedge as so many of them do on a daily basis.

Before Redesign:


After Redesign:

Edited Wedge


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