Week 9: Artist Talk

Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: NONE
Instagram: @rapturefineart

David is a senior in the CSULB printmaking program working towards a BFA in printmaking! He originally wanted to design and create custom motorcycles for Jesse James, but realized that was not a truly realistic goal. He fell in love with printmaking as soon as he walked into a printmaking studio and changed his major the day he stepped foot into one. In his free time he enjoys playing pool, going to music festivals, snowboarding, and hanging with friends. He describes himself as an adrenaline junky, which I found interesting because when I think of art I think of a peaceful setting, but art can be whatever someone wants it to be!

As soon as I walked into the gallery, I knew I wanted to talk to David about his art. He uses printmaking in order to create fine lines and intense detail. He had been experience with using plexiglass and ink in order to get the detail he wanted. Each of his pieces take between two days to a week and a half. His most favorite technique is Lithography and thinks it is the most comprehensive printmaking process and makes the work authentic.

David’s art is edgy, detailed, and ultimately extremely cool. The use of ink on plexiglass allows for very fine detail to be conveyed. David explains that there is imaged in some of his pieces, but it really is up to the viewer to see what they want. He explains artists always have a goal in mind and an expansive concept. He is into fluid abstract expressionism and thats what drives his art, it just flows and becomes something amazing.

As I said, as soon as I walked into the gallery I wanted to ask questions about the pieces. I wasn’t sure if my favorite piece, a wold with its mouth open was made with charcoal or how it was made. I was surprised to find it was made by the plexiglass and ink method. I really want to observe this process to see how this works! My second favorite piece was the “mashup” of the Samurai helmet and face. It was so unique and unlike anything I had ever seen. I would absolutely have bought some of his art to hang on my wall. A truly talented artist!



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