Week 7: Artist Conversation

Artist: Elena Reznovan
Exhibition: Stop and Stare
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: NONE
Instagram: @eroznovan

Elen is in the CSULB masters program working toward a masters in sculpture! Elena is from Moldova, which is a former USSR country. She came to the United States to pursue art and started at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She first started as a painter, but moved into interactive installations. She wanted to come to a school in California because of light and space art and it originating here.

Elena’s work is more of a scene than a collection of pieces. She uses a scene of mountains and clouds just as the sun is setting. The photo is somewhat ominous and dark, and the whole gallery is dark which is cool. Squares and rectangles hang from the ceilings containing different colored filters.

This art is trying to show how images get mediated through technology. With the different colored filters over the image, it shows how easily technology can change an image and its tone, giving the viewer a different idea of it than they normally would have. Elena was trying to show how technology can change pictures and set a certain tone they want the viewer to have.

Before even walking into the gallery, you notice it is dark. Upon walking in, you see a photo projected on the wall and multiple small filters set up in different places. It is very quiet and serine. There is a bench where you can sit and stare, and ultimately get lost. Elena explained how important light was to her and how she lights to be in control of the light. You could definitely see that due to the darkness of the gallery and the only light coming from the projected photo. It was really an awesome atmosphere.IMG_2991IMG_2992IMG_2993


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