Week 6: Story From Art!

“Must Destroy Wow”
Group Exhibition (Multiple Artists)
Painting, Sculpting, Non-Degree Group Exhibition
15″ x 17″
CSULB School of Art, Werby GalleryIMG_9224.JPGimg_9225

In the streets of Tokyo, many are strolling around going about their business. The ground starts to shake, the sky turns dark for a moment, and all eyes look toward the skies. Blocking the sun is the head of a massive creature, the feared friend of Godzilla, The Inuzilla. The Inuzilla lets out a massive roar which sends people running for cover. With every step the Inuzilla takes, the ground shakes more and more. Small structures fall, people let out screams from all angles. The people of Tokyo battled and defeated the great Godzilla, but knew that it was only a matter of time before his acquaintance surfaced from the depths of the mountains and came to terrorize the city. The Japanese military engages the target, but Inuzilla lets out beams of green lasers and destroys all attempts the military makes. Angered by the attempt to stop him, the Inuzilla beings knocking buildings down, stepping on everything in sight and destroying all power lines. Slowly the cities power goes out. The Inuzilla continues to roam through the city destroying many buildings and searching for its next target. As the sun goes down, the Inuzilla rests and observes the massive destruction he has caused. As the last glimpse of sunlight disappears behind the mountains, complete darkness falls on the city. The Japanese military uses this darkness to launch a rocket directly at the heart of the Inuzilla, the Inuzilla realizes too late and his chest cavity is blown to pieces, blood erupts from the body and spills into the streets, leaving them warm and red.

Obviously my story is modeled after Godzilla, the piece of art I observed was a massive Inu Shiba, which I cleverly named Inuzilla 😉 .


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