Week 5: Artist Talk

Artist: Yeri Hwang
Exhibition: Within Us
Media: Studio Art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: NONE
Instagram: @yeriyeti

Yeri is in the CSULB School Studio Art and is graduating this semester! She really likes to draw and play videogames, Bioshock is her favorite. She is very quiet, but when she talks about art her eyes really light up. Her work explores interactive art, as her motto is “Art should be for everyone”. Yeri’s collection “Within Us” took her a long time to set up and create. She described making the gallery as a journey and went through a lot to make it. While she was making it, she was wondering why she was doing this and had a big realization.

Yeri’s collection includes many different interactive pieces of art. As her motto explains, she wants everyone to be included in her art. Each of her pieces has an aspect that includes the viewer in some way. Each piece has a part that the viewer touches and it makes the art change in some way, whether it be a light turning on or making a piece of the art move. It was really cool to be able to influence the art in some way. She uses different materials included wood, acrylic, plaster, dry wall, mirrors, and electronics.

This art was very interesting. In one piece you grab a sword like King Arthur’s and it lights up. Each piece includes the viewer. It makes the gallery feel inclusive and also makes it more enjoyable. Yeri incorporates electronics into her art and makes pieces move or parts light up. Interactive art allows people to be a part of the story, since we are all writing our own story. She always thought that art was limited to people who have a background in art and wants everyone to be a part of art.

The first thing you see when you walk into the gallery is a piece that you touch a sensor and it moves a piece across a biblical scene. As you walk through, you get to touch different things that make certain things happen. I thought it was super cool to be able to influence the art. I really liked to be able to be a part of the art and to change it in some way. My favorite thing about it was the sword that is lined with LED lights, and when you grab it it lights up. I thought it was extremely cool that Yeri wanted to include people in her art!




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