Week 3: Artist Talk

img_2713Artist: Kelvin Lopez
Exhibition: Scry Baby
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/KLART760/about/
Instagram: @klart760

Kelvin is a senior in the CSULB School of Art’s Printmaking program working toward a BFA in printmaking. He is from San Diego, CA and came to Long Beach because he wanted to be close to halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles. In his free time, Kelvin likes to go on bike rides and bring along his two dogs, a Siberian husky and a German Shepard mix. He enjoys trying out new breweries and beers and attending festivals such as Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle. His work focuses on crystals and scrying. He has a very deep interest in crystals and how each crystal brings different healing or good luck properties to those that wield them. He uses these different crystals in his work and ties their properties into his personal life.

Kelvin’s collection “Scry Baby” is very personal to him. He uses printmaking in order to line up many layers of photos and paintings of crystals. These layers create depth and give the photos an opaque look to them. He used a variety of different colors, but wanted them to be associated with the crystals for which his work was inspired.

Kelvin’s collection really focuses on crystals. Kelvin’s fascination with crystals stemmed from when a professor of his brought him a green onyx as a gift from Argentina. At first, Kelvin was not too thrilled with the gift, and forgot about it a bit until his girlfriend got him a necklace containing a crystal. It was then that he started researching their properties and healing powers. This influences him to create “Scry Baby”. He incorporated photos of his nephews, his dogs, and himself, both as an adult and a child, into his work. He conveyed how this work was very personal for him and how he values his family, nature, his dogs and crystals.

The artist made the art very personal and incorporated his family and his dogs. I am a huge family guy and loved how Kelvin used his family in his work. The photos he used and the overlay of the crystals conveyed a happy and nostalgic tone. I constantly like to look back on old photos and recall fond memories, Kelvins photos reminded me of the times I go through my phone and take a trip down memory lane. In addition, Kelvin incorporated crystals into his work, and I’m a huge rock and stone person. Whenever I’m hiking along the beach or up in the mountains, you can always catch me picking up a cool rock to take home with me. These rocks are mementos of my time and each are tied to a specific memory, as Kelvin’s stones are tied to a specific healing property or good fortune.


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