Week 2: Landscapes With a Corpse

For my Landscapes With a Corpse project, I chose to create what I think will be the death of me, a car accident. I feel as though one day, when I go, it will be by racing through the streets, something I love doing. When I am behind the wheel, I am the most calm and collected I ever am. Driving puts me at ease and makes me happy and excited. I never feel nervous or scared, even when someone starts merging into my lane and they’re about to hit me, its always just pure bliss. For my project I decided to create my death from a real accident I was in in November of 2015. Thankfully, during the actual accident, I was not harmed. But I though it would be cool to mess around in photoshop and make it look like I met my demise during this terrible accidentDead in car.jpgdeadimg_8468


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