Week 1: Plaster Casting

To start, I wasn’t entirely sure how to make my mold or how much water to add to the plaster in order to get the desired result. Fortunately, my capability to wing it and use common sense came in handy and surprisingly my casts did not turn out as badly as I thought. I started by making my molds in the sand and ensuring that they were not going to fall apart or move when I poured the plaster into them. I then mixed in what I guessed was one part water. I poured the wet plaster into the molds and sat back hoping for the best. I waited about a half hour and attempted to dig up my molds, but unfortunately they still were not hard (I did go later in the day)!! I waited another 20 minutes and checked again and it was GO TIME! I dug up my hand first, and got a little too excited and pulled it out, and in doing so accidentally broke off all the tips of my fingers :(. So, when uncovering my foot, I was extra careful not to take off any extremities and BAM, a beautiful cast of my foot!img_2514img_2517


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