Week 12: Artist Talk

Artist: Alice Andreini
Exhibition: NO_MANS LAND
Media: Drawing and Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: http://www.andreiniart.com
Instagram: NONE

Alice is a Master student at Cal State Long Beach working toward an MFA in Drawing and Painting. She likes to paint and draw things that concern her and something she can critique. She is concerned with how many people are unaware with mental concepts that affect the world. When she is not doing art she enjoys reading poetry, going to art galleries, and studying philosophy. Her favorite author is Virginia Walter. She lives here in Long Beach and has for the past 6 years, 3 of which she has been in school! She always wanted to be a painter, but never pursued it seriously until now. When she finishes school, she wants to teach art and painting and continue painting.

Her paintings are very intriguing to look at, and really make you wonder what she was trying to show. It would appear that there is no rhyme or reason to what she has painted, but after talking with her and realizing that she is inspired by how “unaware people are with the mental concepts that affect our perception of the world” I was able to understand that she is showing things in a new light. Some of her pieces reminded me of the movie Inception due to the fact that they really challenged the mind.

Her art really exemplifies her thought process when she begins to make a piece. She explained that she likes to paint and draw things that she has an issue with and can critique or has a concern with. This is seen in her art. You can tell she saw something and had an idea of how it could have better been portrayed or done and so she completely reinvented the image and made it her own, and in most cases is completely different that what she was looking at. I loved that. She said that her pieces take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to finish and it really varies.

The art is very colorful and appealing to the eye. The lines flow gracefully across the canvas and the images are captivating and alluring. I think that the best part is trying to figure out what is being portrayed (since it is up to interpretation of course ;)). Like I mentioned, I definitely felt like some of the pieces could have been a scene from Inception which I actually thought was pretty cool. I definitely would like to know what her inspiration was for a few of those pieces and where these ideas came from.


Week 12: Ethnogrophy!

Oh my!!! I took this pretty seriously and to say the least, it was difficult. I always have candles going in my room so I knew those were going to be my light source, but I had no idea what I was going to do with my time. To start, I turned my phone off, gave it to my roommate and told him to give this back to me in the morning, because I was doing a project. He confusingly obliged and I went to my room to get started. I lit the candles, turned the lights off and laid on my bed. I enjoyed it for all of 10 minutes before I went to turn on a fan and realized that was electricity too. I sat back down, stared around a bit, twiddled my thumb, then started grabbing things and reading every bit of type that they contained. I did that for a while, then drew in candlelight, figured some doodling would help. I eventually just laid down and stared around, since I would usually be on my phone, but I just went to sleep. I usually sleep really well so I would not say I slept better! I do feel as though you appreciate more of nature when you do not use electricity. Although you feel more aligned with nature, no electricity is rough and can be boring. If you do not have another person to chill with and talk or go on a no electricity adventure, it will be boring. Electricity makes life easier. Life was different when there was no electricity, you went to bed when the sun went down and got up when the sun came up, so I think that they were just used to it. I think that I manage pretty well not to let technology and electricity district me when I truly want to connect with nature!


Week 11: Artist Talk

Artist: Yujia Gu
Exhibition: Tracing Gun Violence in the USA
Media: Graphic Design
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: NONE
Instagram: NONE

Yujia is a masters student at CSULB and is working toward a Masters in Fine Art. She is a foreign student from China and came to Southern California to study art. She is really interested in why the United States has such a high level of gun violence in comparison to other countries and this curiosity sparked the creation of her exhibit. Her mother was very concerned about letting her come to the United states due to this high gun violence, and it really resonated with her as she came here.

The gallery is very interesting as you walk in. The wall to your right had side contains repeated gun stickers, and repeated lines of  “To protect themselves more and more”, “are buying”. I tried to figure out how the lines connected, but I was’t able to. Next, there was an electronic message board that displayed the acts of gun violence that had happened in real time. The most striking piece was the list of names of all the children that died in Newtown, CT and their pictures that were hanging from the ceiling.

This art is very serious and shows how much gun violence is a problem in the United States. I found it interesting that this exhibit was done by a foreign student, since usually foreign students are only well versed in their own countries politics and problems. I think it is wonderful that people from other countries recognize that gun violence is a problem and think that we should be more strict with gun laws in order to get rid of this problem. Yujia’s art is a real and live display of how bad the gun violence problem is in America.

The gallery is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The symmetrical way things are displayed and the perfect shapes the stickers are set up is very inviting. I was very curious as to what all the technology in the room was representing. The electronic message board on the wall was definitely the thing that stood out the most. I waiting for it to do something and upon reading what it said I realized it was displaying real time acts of gun violence. And the map on the wall, I later found out, mapped all the acts of gun violence that happened in the last 72 hours. It was a very deep and eye opening gallery, and I agree that there should be stricter gun laws.


Week 11: Classmate Conversation

This week I was introduced to a friend of someone I had done a classmate conversation with in the past. Her name is Vina Trac. Vina is a sophomore here at Long Beach State, and like me is a biology major. With her biology degree, she wants to go to Med school or Pharmacology school. She is from Northern California, San Jose, and how down to Southern California for school. Her favorites food is any type of soup, and her favorite color is pink. In her free time she likes to sleep (lol). We had a lot to talk about since we are both Biology majors, including how hard Chemistry is, and how hard out major is. Vina is super chill and I enjoyed getting to chat and work with her on our ID cards.


Week 10: Architecture and Urban Planning

For my architectural redesign, I chose the wedge by the USU! I’m a pretty big guy with broad shoulders and I can say that even with my broad shoulders, I still walk through the wedge! I used photoshop in order to redesign the wedge to make it bigger. The large grey/black marble (or granite?) structure has enough surface area to support the weight it carries, thus it could be slimmed down to allow a bigger gap for students to walk through. I made the wedge gap bigger by making the marble structure thinner, which will allow for an easier flow of traffic and more than one student to pass at a time. I also would move the bench in a little bit to align with the new thinner pillar. Some trade offs could be if a new support system would be needed in the new thinner pillar to support the weight. Students would benefit from this because they wouldn’t have to wait as long to walk through the wedge as so many of them do on a daily basis.

Before Redesign:


After Redesign:

Edited Wedge

Week 10: Artist Talk!

Artist: Brittany Waters
Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox
Media: Sculpture, Ceramics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery
Website: NONE
Instagram: @artbywaters

Brittany is a Senior at CSULB and is in the Sculpture and Ceramics program. She is really into sea turtles and believes that they inhabit beaches in Southern California. Brittany was always surrounded by water since she grew up in Northern California and finds nature to be the inspiration for her art. Now that she lives in Southern California she is inspired by sea creatures.

When you walk into the gallery, it is like walking from a room into a tropical paradise. It is set up like a beach and there is a big sea turtle nest that hundreds of sea turtles are coming out of. In the nest there is also egg shells and half hatched baby turtles. These baby turtles look extremely lifelike and there are so many of them! Brittany created each turtle by hand using clay.

Brittany’s art is very cute and definitely took A LOT of time since each of the turtles and eggs shells were hand made from clay. She explains that as cute and nice as the set up is, there is an underlying message that humans cause a huge disruption to the environment of these turtles and we need to take more responsibility. There is no turtle nests on the beaches in Long Beach or the surrounding area because they are too popular and there are too many people. The adolescent turtles that do reside in Souther California are by the mouth of the San Gabriel river because the power plants spill warm water into the area making it a safe place for these turtles to mature into adulthood.

When I first walked in, I honestly though the egg shells and turtles were real. Of course that thought was quickly dismissed, but they were so lifelike and realistic. I thought it was really cool how Brittany set this up to demonstrate how much humans impact the environment and how we need to be more conscious of the tracks we leave. I though the beach set up was a nice touch and really felt at ease and relaxed while in the gallery. I had a funny question as I was leaving which was how they were going to get all that sand out of the gallery!IMG_3334IMG_3335

Week 9: Graffiti!!

This weeks art project was super fun!! I had no idea where to do graffiti or how to do it really, but I made due! I went and bought a couple cans of spray paint and boards and invited my friend to come graffiti with me. I really wanted to go out and do it on a wall or on a building, but I didn’t want to get in trouble. I had always wanted to graffiti something but never knew what I would do. I decided to keep it simple and do spurts of paint all over. I think my friends idea was better and I liked his more.


And my friends:


Week 9: Artist Talk

Artist: David DeSantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: NONE
Instagram: @rapturefineart

David is a senior in the CSULB printmaking program working towards a BFA in printmaking! He originally wanted to design and create custom motorcycles for Jesse James, but realized that was not a truly realistic goal. He fell in love with printmaking as soon as he walked into a printmaking studio and changed his major the day he stepped foot into one. In his free time he enjoys playing pool, going to music festivals, snowboarding, and hanging with friends. He describes himself as an adrenaline junky, which I found interesting because when I think of art I think of a peaceful setting, but art can be whatever someone wants it to be!

As soon as I walked into the gallery, I knew I wanted to talk to David about his art. He uses printmaking in order to create fine lines and intense detail. He had been experience with using plexiglass and ink in order to get the detail he wanted. Each of his pieces take between two days to a week and a half. His most favorite technique is Lithography and thinks it is the most comprehensive printmaking process and makes the work authentic.

David’s art is edgy, detailed, and ultimately extremely cool. The use of ink on plexiglass allows for very fine detail to be conveyed. David explains that there is imaged in some of his pieces, but it really is up to the viewer to see what they want. He explains artists always have a goal in mind and an expansive concept. He is into fluid abstract expressionism and thats what drives his art, it just flows and becomes something amazing.

As I said, as soon as I walked into the gallery I wanted to ask questions about the pieces. I wasn’t sure if my favorite piece, a wold with its mouth open was made with charcoal or how it was made. I was surprised to find it was made by the plexiglass and ink method. I really want to observe this process to see how this works! My second favorite piece was the “mashup” of the Samurai helmet and face. It was so unique and unlike anything I had ever seen. I would absolutely have bought some of his art to hang on my wall. A truly talented artist!


Week8: Finger Painting!

This week I was super excited about the finger painting! I hadn’t finger painted or painted for that matter in a really long time. I had a ton of studying to do for midterms this weekend, so it was REALLY nice to take a break and relax with some finger painting. I wasn’t entirely too sure of what paint to get, so I went to Daiso since that seems to be the spot. NONE of their paints said non-toxic, but they didn’t say toxic either, so I grabbed a little pack of watercolors. None of the ingredients were toxic so i figured it was fine 🙂 It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to paint. At first I was thinking a vineyard because it would be fun to make the bunches of grapes with my finger, but I decided to go with a galaxy. To start, I made a black background, then mixed white and blue to created the hues of blue I wanted! I had so much fun going back and perfecting my work! This was a super fun and relaxing project 🙂IMG_3107IMG_3108

Week 8: Classmate Conversation

This week I got to meet Jon Duran. Jon is a sophomore here at Long Beach state and is studying Computer Engineering. Jon has always loved computers and is fascinated with taking them apart and how they work. He isn’t sure what he wants to do with his degree, but something with computers! In his free time he likes to play video games, hangout with friends, and likes to go to a lot of concerts. His favorite band is Knuckle Puck. I actually listened to a few of their songs, and they were good, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it is my style :). He grew up here in Long Beach and attended Lakewood High! He was very shy and quiet, but I feel as though it would just be something to deal with in the beginning and as you get to know him, he opens up more! IMG_3080

Week 7: Artist Conversation

Artist: Elena Reznovan
Exhibition: Stop and Stare
Media: Sculpture
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: NONE
Instagram: @eroznovan

Elen is in the CSULB masters program working toward a masters in sculpture! Elena is from Moldova, which is a former USSR country. She came to the United States to pursue art and started at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She first started as a painter, but moved into interactive installations. She wanted to come to a school in California because of light and space art and it originating here.

Elena’s work is more of a scene than a collection of pieces. She uses a scene of mountains and clouds just as the sun is setting. The photo is somewhat ominous and dark, and the whole gallery is dark which is cool. Squares and rectangles hang from the ceilings containing different colored filters.

This art is trying to show how images get mediated through technology. With the different colored filters over the image, it shows how easily technology can change an image and its tone, giving the viewer a different idea of it than they normally would have. Elena was trying to show how technology can change pictures and set a certain tone they want the viewer to have.

Before even walking into the gallery, you notice it is dark. Upon walking in, you see a photo projected on the wall and multiple small filters set up in different places. It is very quiet and serine. There is a bench where you can sit and stare, and ultimately get lost. Elena explained how important light was to her and how she lights to be in control of the light. You could definitely see that due to the darkness of the gallery and the only light coming from the projected photo. It was really an awesome atmosphere.IMG_2991IMG_2992IMG_2993

Week 7: Classmate Conversation

This week I got to chat it up with Michael Shenouda! It is Michael’s last semester here at Long Beach state, and he will be graduation with a degree in Psychology. Rather than be a Psychologist, he finished all his pre recs for Veterinary school and wants to be a Vet just like his father. His dad has his own veterinary clinic and he started working there and he liked it, so he was inspired to pursue it. He’s been applying to Vet schools and really wants to get into one in California. He loves sports, basketball and baseball being his favorite. In his spare time he likes to hangout with friends, play sports, and watch sports. His family is from Egypt, but he was born and raised here in Southern California. IMG_2994